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FINANCE  AND RETAIL POS, ATM, KIOSK SOLUTIONS WITH ENHANCED DATA SECURITY STC has an extensive product offering starting from TELCO and the BANKING sector products and solutions. With the demand in technology solutions and advancement in 3G, 4G/LTE initiated by the TELCO providers. STC has derived various solutions that can be useful to the banking sector particularly for Network’s security, management/monitoring, back-up, system resiliency, VPN redundancy, fail-over-failback and load balancing devised especially for the ATM Network. The solution provides a 4G/LTE router connected directly to the ATM and network modem which facilitates the routing of the network connectivity for wired and wireless network, so that ones the line network cuts-off or interrupted. It will automatically shift to wireless seamlessly depending on the priority connection thereof. When the network connectivity goes to normalcy the device will return to its original setting also in a seamlessly manner. The device is also capable of encryption for data security/firewall and with management features needed to monitor and control a multi terminal system. The solution comes in various configuration depending on the need of the customer and their applications. The router is also future proof since it is capable of 700MHZ 4G/LTE frequencies. Current TELCO providers are already in the works for these types of 4G/LTE and soon will be fully implemented or should be available in current market already. BENEFITS: Either primary connection or back-up connection when wired connections are unavailable or non-existent Fixed wireless communications platform enabling real-time 4G Cellular data connectivity for existing serial devices & Ethernet network. Reliable and cost effective alternative solution for business continuity Always-online 4G/LTE Bridge/IP-Pass through Mode Other products for BANKING are: GSM GATEWAYS automatically converts calls from fix phones to mobile phone into calls from mobile to mobile phone which are cheaper. Companies tend to use the devise particularly those which has ballooning expense in telephone bills to significantly reduce the cost, especially calls being made from IP to GSM. PDU device fitted with multiple outputs to distribute power efficiently particularly for rack computers and networking equipment usually for data centres.