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Sunley Technology Corporation

 Is a customer oriented technology driven organization established 20 years ago and has continually outgrown its competitors in the country, currently one of the leading solutions provider in telecommunications, utility, and IT industries. STC attributes its success to its excellent range of products, timely customer service, extensive marketing support, and continuous product research. STC has a wide range of industry proven products starting from our last mile access products to industrial test equipment, broadcast analysers, network management, system security, transport ticketing/paying system, contactless solutions, and fleet monitoring system.  With the fast pace development in IT and telecommunication technology, STC continuously enhance its product portfolio with equipment and applications needed by the industry. It actually harnesses its potential to create its own demand in the field. The principle of “We should be there first before anyone can” is very evident in the way we position our products. We do market research, study what’s in and what’s out in the market and create a better perspective on how we should view the need of our customer based on STC’s benchmark, that is quality, integrity, product support and cost effectiveness. To date STC continuous to mark its way towards the development of IT and telecommunication industry in the Philippines. STC’s success comes greatly on its management and human resource, that up to the present consistently work hard to deliver the best and reliable products and solutions to our clients.